Wenzhou Noodles in Mercury News!

Having followed Carol and Max’ odyssey through these years, it’s gratifying to see them in their success, receiving some praise in the mainstream media.

San Jose: Wenzhou noodle restaurant in historic Japantown landmark


2 thoughts on “Wenzhou Noodles in Mercury News!

  1. Many congratulations to everyone who made this happen. I’m really happy as a Chinese man that this last vestige of San Jose’s Chinatown is not razed down, but rather reincarnated into something that befits its history.

  2. Thank you Andrew.

    Honestly, I’ve seen more than one San Jose resident, who should know better, scoff and say, “What are the Chinese doing in Japantown?” Haha, the joke’s on them, without this Chinatown, the Japanese-Americans wouldn’t have had a place to call home.

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