From the Japanese American Museum of San Jose

At tonight’s San José City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to change the zoning for a 5.25-acre parcel at 696 N 6th street, sometimes called “the Corp Yard”, from Light Industrial zoning to Residential.

It’s been a long time since the city originally proposed converting this property from the city’s industrial yard to a residential neighborhood – so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. The delay, perhaps, might be more of a surprise.

Helen Hayashi of the Japantown Community Congress, reminded the council that this was the “catalyst to revitalize Japantown”, and create a “great, good place” worthy of its history.

Council member Kansen Chu spoke of the original story of this location, not as a “Corporation Yard” for the city of San José to park and service its vehicles, but as Heinlenville, San José’s last Chinatown.

It’s with that that I will endeavor to refer to this block never as “the Corp Yard” again, but ever as Heinlenville.