Another building slated for demolition

On the south side of the Nishioka building, we see two buildings, almost in a duplex arrangement. The half on the left (or south) is the new Carisoul BBQ restaurant. It’s not in danger of demolition.

But the vacant building to its right, shown in this photo below, is being processed for removal. I’m not sure how historical it is, but I wonder if folks have some sort of memories about it.

San Jose city permit number SP18-003 for address 657 N 6th St: “Special Use Permit to allow the demolition of a vacant building that is hazardous in the LI Light Industrial Zoning District on .78 gross acre site.”


Old sign for Nishioka Brothers Fish Market and Frank’s Barber Shop in Japantown, San Jose. It’s such an old sign that beneath the lettering, in rust, can be seen: “Dragon Club – Beer and Gameroom”.


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