Does anyone remember Bini’s? I am afraid it had closed its doors long before I visitied Japantown.

Looks like it was a great place. I wish I’d visited. They were at 337 East Taylor Street, I think, then closed. Very close to where @YC is today.

According to this site:

Has it at 655 N 6th, and it’s post 1997, so maybe Bini’s migrated to that location. So am asking, Japantown historians, did Bini’s start in 1932 at 337 E Taylor, then move to 655 N Sixth?

Then did it finally close at that location in 2001?

The Ethiopian restaurant Rehoboth is closed. They were at 655 N 6th St. was this really  the old Bini’s Bar & Grille?

Anyway, I have some inside information. We can start to see a new brick-and-mortar BBQ restaurant opening there around April:

Perhaps we can see this as a reincarnation of the old Bini’s.