More Heinlenville news!

The most recent news is that Williams and Dame (WDA), the primary developer for the Corporation Yard/Heinlenville project in San Jose’s Japantown, has brought in another developer, Related California, to help in solving some of the funding problems regarding this project.

The previous vision, as explained by WDA’s Matt Brown, involved building for condominiums. In order to keep the quality of these owned units high, they needed to be designed to be built with concrete construction. This is expensive per-unit, compared to wood construction.

WDA’s new plan sees the units as apartments instead, allowing for wood construction, which is cheaper, and would require fewer units to justify their investment. This would bring the total units from 600 to around 450, which will ease traffic and parking concerns somewhat.

The developers also understand the neighborhood’s need for a pharmacy, and possibly a larger space for Japantown’s current Nijiya Japanese market. This in apparent understanding that this neighborhood is effectively a food desert, despite its abundance of culturally diverse dining opportunities.

It’s likely that there will be another re-zoning for this property. Construction is expected to begin in 2016, and there will bew several more community meetings through 2015.