Progress report: Cannery Park

We have seen visible progress seeing the large development at 10th and Taylor. Here are some highlights.

I was searching for the area that is supposed to be earmarked for retail. At the corner of 10th and Taylor, on the ground floor, I believe that I found it. However, most apartment complexes reserve such a key location for apartment manager’s office, places for new tenants to be sold on the property, and facilities for the tenants. So I don’t know for sure; I’m just speculating.

On the 10th street side, along the path of busy one-way commuter traffic, it’s good to see them reserving the graceful old trees (California sycamore?); there is also a set of courtyards along the length of the complex on that side, providing small oases of privacy. It will be interesting to see how they go in.

Here’s the Loopnet listing for the retail space.
Note a total size of 5,000 square feet, with a willingness to break up into separate shops of at least 2,000 square feet.
Opening date of September 2017 is listed.


3 thoughts on “Progress report: Cannery Park

  1. So, this development is going to feature 1,000 apartments but only 5,000 sf of retail? Was that the ratio they originally talked about? I thought it would be a little more balanced.

  2. Peter, it’s up to the citizens to show up for meetings with the developers and the city to hold their feet to the fire on these issues. Otherwise, they will just keep building “luxury condominiums” which they think offers them the most profit.

    I’m trying to visualize how much space 5,000 sq ft allows. It’s probably too much space for a coffee bar, unless the space was divided. The original Gordon Biersch restaurant in Palo Alto was about 5000 square feet.

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