More Corp Yard news

From SJ Economy News:

After 10 years of work to find the best possible use for a major site in the heart of San José’s JapanTown, the City Council close on the sale of the former Corporation Yard.
The sale returns $18.5 million to the City, but more importantly, it paves the way for a top-quality project yielding 20,000 sf of retail space, 520 residential units, and a .75-acre park. In addition, a .75 parcel was given back to the City, to become the permanent home of San Jose Taiko and CreaTV San Jose.


Just wanted to add this:

What’s next
From the SVCreates site:

  • SVCREATES and Ankrom Mosian Architects will submit plans to the City of San Jose to apply for PD (planned development) Permit.
  • SVCREATES will select a builder/general contractor for the construction project.
  • SVCREATES will sign lease term sheets with a range of prospective tenants.




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