Big Delay for Japantown Square??

I’m looking now at the following notice on the City of San Jose Online Permits page:

Amendment to the Development Agreement previously approved. Associated with rezoning files no. PDC15-18 and PD15-055 Consideration of an ordinance to approve an amended Development Agreement between Jackson Taylor Partners, LLC, and the City of San Jose to amend and vest a previously approved Planned Development Zoning (File No. PDC15-018) and Planned Development Permit (File No. PD15-055) within the scope of the Development Agreement. The Development Agreement Amendment will vest entitlements for SEVEN YEARS to develop 520 residential units and 19,191 square feet of commercial space consistent with the provisions of the Japantown Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project Final Environmental Impact Report and subsequent Addenda, the Jackson-Taylor Residential Strategy, and the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan on a 5.25 gross acre site bounded by N. Sixth Street, E. Taylor Street, N. Seventh Street, and Jackson Street.

There doesn’t seem to be any need for such an amendment, unless it involves adding a delay – in this, as much as SEVEN YEARS!

Construction was scheduled to begin late this year, or early next ear. Locals and residents should have received some sort of final notice by now.

Now, it appears that this project is delayed, once again. Unless someone can come up with other information…


9 thoughts on “Big Delay for Japantown Square??

  1. I have heard back from one of the development partners. He wasn’t able to reveal much, save to say that it was a matter that the developers and the city needed to hash out.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I reached out to some of the folks who are involved in building the CCA, and here’s what they said:

    “In the official posting of the approval City Council gave last week, there are no significant changes, just updates on the zoning permit and pd permit dates. The 7 year vesting has always been in the development agreement, which gave Related 7 years from Sale to build.”

    I was also told the South Tower (along Jackson) is still slated to start construction in Summer/Fall 2017. And a merchant right across from the site told me there will be a groundbreaking in January, though I haven’t confirmed that with anyone else.

  3. I’ve confirmed that the groundbreaking ceremony will be in January 2017, but I haven’t gotten any specifics yet. It would be great if the community could know about this in advance. Can anyone offer any more detail?

    • Did the groundbreaking ceremony take place @dsunlin? My family lives in the area and I have been following your blog, haven’t seen any updates lately on this project. Kinda bummed out about it actually…starting to think it’ll never go through.

      • Hi, as you see, I’ve recently gotten a bit of news. Things are moving very slowly, but they are moving! Thanks for your interest!

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