Dick’s Market

This is a little removed physically from Japantown per se, but it’s very interesting, and potentially very valuable to local residents.

New plans floated for old-school San Jose motel

This is located on 4th Street, between 880 to the north and Barrett Middle school to the south.

This deserves some research, but the motel renovation may be contingent on the market next door being brought out of mothballs.

If it does become some sort of grocery again, it would bring the surrounding neighborhood out of “Food Desert” status.

It’s also next door to the long-empty Dick’s Market, more recently open as Truong Hung market.


8 thoughts on “Dick’s Market

  1. Some timeline questions please. Do you know what year Dick’s Market closed? What year it reopened as Truong Hung market? And when Truong Hung ceased operation?

  2. Hello, Karyn, and thank you for your question.
    Here is some snippets of the timeline, as far as I can tell:

    – “Dick’s Market” existed as late as 1990, possibly later.
    – It was called “Tan Duc Market” around 1999, though that’s a business name; the sign may have still read “Dick’s” at that time. That’s still a mystery to me.
    – It was called “Truong Hung Supermarket” from about 2002 and it looks like it closed around 2011.
    – The CFO for Truong Hung as Tony Lam.

    That’s all I got. If find out anything else, please let me know.

  3. Hi there –

    Thank you for the update about Dick’s Market and your response to my questions. I wanted to share with you privately that your post was very timely. I was born in San Jose and visited my mother and grandmother there every summer after my parents divorced. My mother lived near 6th and Mission. I have fond memories of shopping at Dick’s Market with my mother; there was one male cashier who would always joke that my mother brought her sister (not her daughter) to help with the shopping.

    My mother passed in 1984, and the day of your post would have been her 90th birthday. Thank you for reminding me of this little bit of sweetness about Dick’s Market on her birthday. –Karyn

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