Cannery Park Hanover

In April of 2015, The Hanover Company became the official developer for Cannery Park Village, eight acres at 357 E. Taylor St. The demolition phase is just about to begin.

It’s slated for about 400 residential units and allegedly 5,000 square feet of retail. Previously, the idea of a restaurant was floated, but it’s not clear whether this will be in the final plan.

The developer is, however, committed to reserving half an acre to be combined with a similar half-acre parcel on their northern border to form a park.

Landowner: Libitzky Property Companies, Emeryville
Developer: The Hanover Company of Houston, TX
Architect: KTGY of Oakland.

The “Mitigated Negative Declaration” from the San Jose Planning Department (File No. PDC08-036) from November 2010 has this to say about the nature of the “retail space” in this development:

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A Planned Development Rezoning from the A(PD) Planned
Development Zoning District to the A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to allow for the redevelopment of the site with up to 403 residential units, a +5,500 square foot restaurant, +8,500 square feet of artist studio space, and 0.61 acres of park land.

Now the size of this “retail space” hasn’t changed, nor have any of the other details, so I am assuming that this is going to be a restaurant, on the corner of Taylor and 10th.

Will this be a Gordon Biersch restaurant? The Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant chain (more than 35 locations nationwide) is owned and managed by CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, a separate entity from the brewery, by the way. It’s hard to imagine another restaurant on this location.

I’ll add more as I learn it.


One thought on “Cannery Park Hanover

  1. I should add that a 5,000 square foot restaurant is very much on the large size. One hopes that parking taken into consideration rather than allowing it to flow onto neighborhood streets.

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