No news from Nishioka


I don’t normally report unless I have some news, but sometimes no news is news indeed.

The eponymous Japantown Community Housing has long finished construction. Workers have left from the neighboring property and cleaned up. There’s no sign that anything is happening at the Nishioka Fish Market site.

Last year, I called the real estate office that is advertising on the front of this historic building. The agent assured me that someone had purchased the building and neighboring property and was planning to fix it up. I did some internet research and found a likely lead. I called this person, but they said they had no knowledge about anything concerning this property.

You would think it would be an irresistible opportunity to make a mark on Silicon Valley’s most unique neighborhood. Does anyone out there know what is happening with this property?

This is all I have:

  • Reference Number: PRE15-017
  • Number: 2015 005734 AO
  • Address: 665 N 6TH ST SAN JOSE
  • Type: Shell (All Other Permits)
  • Sub Type: Prelim – Basic
  • Status: Complete
  • Description: Preliminary Review for a 35 unit residential project and to incorporate an existing commercial space on a 0.33 gross acre site

In other news, I talked to Hayden Butler, the restaurateur is now occupying the building that housed Rehoboth, the Ethiopian restaurant. He will be opening his barbecue restaurant soon!



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