Dreams for the Corp Yard

In August, the City of San Jose will be hosting a community meeting to review their plans for the Corporate Yard. What would be the ideal result of this development? How would the developers handle this in a way that would make us all proud of this 5.25-acre wasteland?

I jotted down some of my dreams.

  • A place for the Sunday Farmer’s Market, in the same location it is now. I envision a beautiful gateway where the chain link fence stands today, giving honor in some small way, to the neighborhood’s agricultural past.
  • A real pharmacy/drug store. I have a soft spot in my heart for Walgreen’s, because they make a point of selling affordable staple foods, a sore need for this “Food Desert” area. Many of the local residents in the Northside area are near the poverty line, and access to inexpensive food without driving several miles would be appreciated.
  • A home for the dozens of unique local businesses that will be displaced when the Cannery Park Village is developed. The developer plans to tuck them away in a hidden warehouse, but if room can be found for them on sixth or seventh street, they would be a welcome attraction.
  • Preserving as many of the trees on the north side of the property as possible. Workers often use their shade as a lunch spot; it would be a pity to lose that.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Dreams for the Corp Yard

  1. Didn’t we already have a community meeting like this about 2 years ago where us residents provided feedback on plans? We also broke into small groups and provided specific feedback and a list of desires for the space.
    Wonder why they are doing it gain, has the developer changed? Maybe the plan has changed. Oh well.

  2. Jon, I think their architect’s plans were not finalized at that point. They will probably present their final plans in August, just to keep us little people informed. 🙂

    • The meeting will be Thursday, Aug 20 from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Northside Community Center. See you there!
      This info is from Carole Rast, Kathy Sakamoto and Wisa Uemura.

  3. The area is hardly a ‘food desert’. Nijiya Market shouldn’t be ignored. You should be encouraging people to shop there. And if that’s not the right kind of food for the right price, there’s also Mi Pueblo and Grocery Outlet.

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