From the Japanese American Museum of San Jose

At tonight’s San José City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to change the zoning for a 5.25-acre parcel at 696 N 6th street, sometimes called “the Corp Yard”, from Light Industrial zoning to Residential.

It’s been a long time since the city originally proposed converting this property from the city’s industrial yard to a residential neighborhood – so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. The delay, perhaps, might be more of a surprise.

Helen Hayashi of the Japantown Community Congress, reminded the council that this was the “catalyst to revitalize Japantown”, and create a “great, good place” worthy of its history.

Council member Kansen Chu spoke of the original story of this location, not as a “Corporation Yard” for the city of San José to park and service its vehicles, but as Heinlenville, San José’s last Chinatown.

It’s with that that I will endeavor to refer to this block never as “the Corp Yard” again, but ever as Heinlenville.


One thought on “Heinlenville!

  1. Thank you so much for calling this site “Heinlenville”. The Corporation Yard was only a description of what last sat on this site and not a proper name for what was once (and will soon re-arise as) a vibrant community. Let’s hope that going forward we may continue to remember Heinlenville and its rich history in what is built here. Japantown and Heinlenville once coexisted and restoring that relationship not only in name but in spirit would be precious.

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