Progress at Ajisai land!


View from across the Corp Yard.

I just wanted to share with you a view of Roem’s Ajisai apartment project so far.

3 thoughts on “Progress at Ajisai land!

  1. Hi, I am interested to know if anyone else who lives near this project has had problems with nails and metal in their car tires? We have 3 drivers (and three vehicles: two cars, 1 truck) and today I got a 3 inch piece of metal in my tire. This is the 2nd incident with my two door car, the first was a nail, back when the project was being framed. So far the truck has experienced 2 separate incidents, both nails. The sedan has had 1 incident, a nail.

    We stopped driving on the block of 7th street where the Roem project and all of their vehicles park. I recently resumed driving on 7th when going to the coffee shop (@YC) on the corner of 7th and Taylor. I figured since the site was cleaned up and no longer in the framing stage where nails are used so much, it would be fine now.

    I don’t know if there is anything to do about it, but wanted to see if other residents or even visitors have had problems.
    My tires are $400 a piece (run flats).

    thanks for reading,
    Leslie Funk

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