Westmount update

The preview models of the homes at Westmount have been available for potential homebuyers since April 12.

According to Standard Pacific sales counselor Stephanie Pierce, there has been no movement toward installing a stop light at the difficult intersection of Mission and 10th Street. She did mention that converting 10th and 11th into two-way roads has been discussed, but admitted that it would have to wait until funds are available.

Sam Liccardo, San José city council member for District 3, said some time ago that “high-speed one-way couplets—the three lane, one-way roads that slice up our Downtown–have long been the bane of any pedestrian who wants to cross a street like 10th, 11th, 3rd, or 4th, without engaging in a game of high-speed, full-contact Frogger,” but that “converting those speedways to slower two-way streets requires many millions of dollars—converting and installing new traffic signals, altering required sidewalk ramps, and the like–that we won’t have for many years.”

Source: https://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=2753



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