Regarding the south end of Ajisai


Architectural plan from Roem showing southmost corner of developmen

The southmost corner of the Ajisai development is the closest to Jackson street, Japantown’s main street. Some community leaders have questioned the design, apparently concerned that it forms a visual barrier between Japantown and this apartment complex.

From looking at the plans that Roem filed with the City of San Jose, there doesn’t appear to be anything like a wall separating the Ajisai complex from Jackson street. Roem did provide a sound wall (9), which will naturally serve as a buffer between the railroad tracks and the apartments. Perfectly reasonable.

South of the end of the resident parking lot, appears a spot for trash bins, then a “bio-swale” (6) which is a place for precipitation runoff to collect and be absorbed into the ground. It calls for landscape vegetation, which is usually a wet-tolerant plant such as sedge.

Of course, the very southmost corner of this triangle is owned by the railroad company, and consists of ballast gravel on the ground and a utility box that runs the grade crossing. I doubt that SPRR will allow this to be altered.

So as far as I can see, I don’t see any issue with this part of the Ajisai plan.

By the way, Roem’s construction of the Ajisai Apartments appears to be going along smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Regarding the south end of Ajisai

  1. I liked the original Sakura Gardens plan of putting a community garden here better. This seems a bit more mundane and doesn’t activate the sidewalk in any meaningful way … though I suspect surveying limitations (such as drainage and the SPRR property) limited what they could do. By the way, where can you search for the site plans filed with the city?

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