Marquis Apartments



Current progress: 11/20/13

Current progress: 11/20/13

This was the former site of a La-Z-Boy furniture warehouse. The official name of this project has been confirmed to be “Marquis Apartments”.

From the Core website:

“10th & Mission, in San Jose, is a 166-unit luxury apartment development project. It is comprised of a mix of studio, one, and two bedroom apartments. Resort-style amenities will include a swimming pool, skydeck, clubhouse, dog recreation area, fitness center, WiFi-Lounge, bike kitchen, and secured parking. The building sits on a 3.28 acres site and is adjacent to a future 1-acre public park. The project is a 3-story type V building, over a half-subterranean garage.”

The project includes a 0.25-acre strip of parkland (about the width of a street) to the south-southeast that will apparently revert to the City, marked “Park Dedication” on Core’s map. It is bound by the “abandoned” stretch of Mission Street, which will also be coverted to park. The Cannery Park complex (when it is finally built) will also contribute a 0.25-acre strip from the south side of old Mission Street.

Developer: UrbanCo, a partnership between Republic Urban Properties and Core.

Architect: Studio T-Sq. (They did Mariani Square, too.)

The project is estimated to be complete by March, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Marquis Apartments

    • It’s still moving ahead — from what I have heard from the city. No firm date on development.

      I hope that the unique businesses and non-profits located at the Cannery location are provided with new locations, possibly at the Corp Yard site.


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