Corp Yard updates

Got an armload of updates regarding the Corp Yard project.

– San Jose City Council Assistant Fred Buzo confirmed that, no, William & Dame has NOT secured funding for the Corp Yard project, regardless of what was reported in Nichi Bei Times. That part is still up in the air.

– Zoning change is under way, and it should be a walk in the park, relatively speaking, consisting mostly of updating the description. The environmental impact report is still scheduled to finish up in January. And the property will be ready for development by whoever decides to take up the challenge.

– There have been substantial efforts in cleaning up the Corp Yard itself. Apparently, a solar contractor, and its subcontractor, had left some items in the Corp Yard: random construction materials and trash. A representative said that it was primarily a clerical error which caused the debris to be overlooked. But, by the time of this writing, all of the things, whether valuable construction material, or just junk, has all been spirited away. The Corp Yard should be virtually free of random items now.

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