Corp Yard project is on track!

From the Nichi Bei Times:

The developer Williams & Dame (WDA) has secured funding to purchase the Corp Yard property and will put it before the San José city council in 2014, with a view to starting construction in 2015. Seems a long ways away, doesn’t it?

It’s probably better that way. Parking during peak hours is limited in Japantown. With the Roem project Ajisai going ahead at full steam, chewing up some valuable parking places, and with the senior housing project on the horizon, it’s doubtful that three full-bore construction projects in J’town would be very pleasant.

There’s some confusion in the article regarding space for San Jose Taiko. Originally WDA had said they were reserving office, storage and practice space for the Japanese drumming troupe, but there’s hints that somebody assumes it would be a public performance space. I’m sure that will be cleared up, one way or another, in due time.


One thought on “Corp Yard project is on track!

  1. According to San Jose’s RFQ bid for a Environmental Impact Report (EIR) contractor, they do not expect a completed EIR until January 3, 2014.

    After that, the next step should be re-zoning.

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