It’s a long, narrow, triangular property, a real challenge to make the best use out of it.

According to a circa 1940 map (, the California Packing Corporation had a sales office, machine shop, warehouse and lumber storage on this site. Subsequent planning documents list it as “vacant” or “unused”.

3 thoughts on “Origins

  1. Earlier maps show that this triangle was essentially an extension of Heinlenville Chinatown, marking the groups of buildings as “Chinese.”

  2. They’re Sanborn Maps on microfilm in the King Library’s California Room (5th floor). There are buildings there as early as 1891, and by 1915 they’re designated as “Chinese.” A large number of ceramic fragments (appear to be Chinese) were unearthed in preparation for construction (visible through the fence and even scattered outside the fence), though my understanding is that no official archaeological efforts were made. I read a company statement at some point where they recognized that they were building near Chinatown, though they’re actually building on top of Chinatown!

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